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A Story of Value

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My name is Wayde Gniel and I help people feel better about themselves by creating a more happy, meaningful life.

Helping people find happiness is what I do because it helps me satisfy the one emotional need I have more than any other - to feel like I belong.

Growing up I struggled with confidence and self-esteem a lot. Whether it was being an overweight middle child in a large family or scarring from other negative experiences, I just always felt like a bit of a burden; like I wasn’t good enough or worthy of other people’s time.


I was the type of person that would cross the road to avoid someone because I thought they wouldn’t want to talk to me. Or, if they did, I wouldn’t have anything interesting to say. For some reason I just expected people to see the worst, which didn’t sit well with the fact I was also horrified by the thought of someone disliking me! 


It was a battle I fought for many years, but over time I naturally found a way to conquer this programming and prove to myself that I DID have real value.


In short, I became very good identifying everybody else’s value.


I figured out that if I showed an interest in what other people liked or were good at, and explored the stories behind these traits, I was able to connect the dots and see all kinds of positives the person themselves probably hadn’t even considered. By then sharing these nice insights with the person, I felt they would like me more.

The more I was liked, the more I felt I belonged, and the happier I would be!


The fact is, all of us have fought similar battles throughout our lives and developed coping mechanisms just like I did. We all craved things, just like I craved belonging. Understanding the meaning behind this journey and sharing the skills you have perfected over a lifetime is what My Superpower is all about.


Everybody has a Superpower and I want to help find yours!

A bit more...

Wayde was born in Victoria, Australia, and moved north to Queensland with his family as a teenager. After completing high school, he headed off to Brisbane to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland.


A few years later, he applied for work experience at a small start-up company specialising in epoxy flooring technology and was instantly excited by the challenge of helping a young business find its feet. Something he still enjoys almost 20 years later!


During this time, his natural affinity with meaning and value has helped him remain motivated by the challenges of small business, and been a driving force behind the company’s ability to flourish in an industry dominated by large, multi-national manufacturers. To this day, nothing gives him more of a thrill than creating successful products that truly reflect the values and talents of the people behind them.    


Having come from Victoria, Wayde is still a big AFL fan and secretly dreams of his daughter pulling on the black and white stripes one day.

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